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Zoom Class Dates

(8:30am EDT)

Tuesday July 2 (sold out)

Thursday July 11 (sold out)

Tuesday July 16 (sold out)

Tuesday July 23 (sold out)

Monday July 29

Other Possible Dates

7/30, 8/6, 8/8


Passcode: ECP480

We offer ZOOM Classes & Courses

Needed for Class

2020 or 2023 NEC book



Working microphone and camera.

Attention and participation.

The Class

Grab a coffee and a code book and refresh yourself on how to navigate the NEC. Enjoy some great electrical content from many different chapters. 

Class Content

The Zoom class is full of great electrical content. Using NFPA70 we navigate a wide range of chapters covering relevent electrical subjects. Never boring!

Great Reviews

Over 60 Five Star Google Reviews and hundreds of customer reviews. Informative and fun. No long winded stories from the field.


NC 4 Hrs $129

OH 4 Hrs $129

NC & FL $159

MD 5 Hrs $149

MD & NC $169

NC 8 Hrs $199

MD 10 Hrs $229

NC & MD $249

NC 4 Hr cours $50

NC, MD, FL & morecourse $75 


Zoom Classes Approved for

North Carolina - Florida - Maryland - Ohio

All Classes begin at 8:30am EDT - 4 & 5 hour classes

Contact Dave for Zoom & Course packages


Step 1 – Click on Purchase above.

Step 2 – Click on the very top Book Now button next to our logo.

Step 3 – Click on the Calendar date you wish to book (dates above)

Step 4 – Click on State/Zoom Options, scroll through the choices and pick your package. 

Step 5 – Enter customer information and pay.


For a course or online course (non-classroom hours) please contact us directly.

Tuesday July 2 (sold out)

Thursday July 11 (sold out)

Tuesday July 16 (sold out)

Tuesday July 23 (sold out)

Monday July 29

Tentative Dates

7/30, 8/6, 8/8


Passcode: ECP480


ECP's Electrical Instructor

Dave Varga has worked throughout the electrical industry since 1984. He has worked hands on in many parts of the trade like residential, commercial, industrial, data centers, service departments and more. Dave holds active electrical licenses in NC, FL, GA, SC, AL, MS, AK, TX, LA, TN, KY, VA, WV, OH, MO, CO, MN, NV, NE, OR, AZ, UT, NH, MD, MI, CT, VT, SD, Indianapolis, JC Kansas, and a JW license in MA and IA. He still works as an electrical supervisor locally and SME for WSP USA nationally. Dave's Zoom classes are not boring and full of great electrical content. Come join his upbeat and educational class! See his reviews.

Class Reviews (yeah baby that's what I'm talking about)

"This one of if not the best classes I have taken. Dave did an awesome job of keeping everyone involved."

– Dennis G.

"I really enjoy the open interaction of this class. It is relaxing which increases the learning rate of the material. Thank you for making the class enjoyable as well as educational."

– John S. from Texas

"Thanks for the class this morning. You did an excellent job and make if fun unlike so many others I’ve taken."

– Brian K. from Charlotte, North Carolina

"Thanks, Dave for the fun and interactive class. I will continue to look for your classes when I need them."

– Charles C. from Virginia

"This was a great class and well presented. I would definitely go to Dave Varga in the future."

– Tom S. from Huntersville, North Carolina

"Dave Varga is more than gifted and talented in teaching. Perfect class and presentation. This was the BEST class I have ever attended, and Dave Varga is a fantastic teacher."

– Jeff S. from North Carolina

"Dave, thank you for your time today. I really enjoyed your class and was much more comfortable in my on home."

– Tyler L. from Snow Hill, North Carolina

"I will have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I’ve sat through many Saturday classes with someone that wanted to talk about past experiences, bad projects, tough inspectors and everything except learning code. I’ve also sat through some that were very enlightening, but I will have to say that this class was by far the best I’ve ever sat in, your enthusiasm is infectious…it makes the code easier to comprehend and makes me want to dive back into the code more than ever. Thank you for your information, your knowledge but most importantly your enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s class. Thanks again and have a great afternoon!"

– Steve B. from Greensboro, North Carolina

"Just wanted to thank you for an informative NEC update. To be honest If I hadn’t signed up, I would be in the dark about some of these changes."

– Steve S. from Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you for a great class today. It’s amazing how much more we gain just by discussing the code with others in our trade. It keeps all sharp and humble."

– Jim H. from Peachtree, Georgia

  • "I thought the class was very informative and really liked how the instructor kept the participants engaged." – Rodney H. from North Carolina

  • "Dave runs the class perfectly. Loved every aspect and all the information! Engaging, informative and fun." – Sean L. from North Carolina

  • "Dave, thank you for helping me with this class. Everything about this has been a learning experience for me. I’ve avoided this technology but I guess I can’t anymore. Again, thank you for all your assistance." – Jerry O. from North Carolina

  • "Thank You, you are my CE instructor from now on!" – Harlan N. from Raleigh, North Carolina

  • "Just wanted to thank you again for the class.  I really enjoyed it!  I hope they let us do that more often in the future." – Lee B. from North Carolina

  • "Thank you for the class last night.  These virtual classes are so helpful, especially with a baby at home." – Ed B. from Davidson, North Carolina

  • "Absolutely enjoyed today much more than the usual CE classes! Will for sure use you again in the future." – Andrew B.

  • "Thank you for the class I thought it was a great experience." – Clint H. from Georgia

  • "Thanks again for all of your help! You were very entertaining in your delivery and id great keeping us all involved." – Ron O. from West Virginia

  • "Dave was very clear, engaging and a great interactive instructor." – Larry G. from North Carolina

  • "Class was great. Very informative and well put together class. Instructor was easy to follow and the entire class was a pleasure to participate in. Thanks again Dave." – Carl W. from Little River, South Carolina

  • "Appreciate the convenience, the ability to ask questions & receive answers to them right away and the overall classroom feeling." – Nick A. from Oregon

  • "Thank you for the class. Definitely the best CE class I have taken!" - Shane P. from Raleigh, North Carolina

  • "Best online class ever!" – Tom F. from Miami, Florida

  • "I enjoyed the class that you have put together. I will seek you out again next year. Thank you." -Nick R. from Mooresville, North Carolina

  • "Thanks Dave! Even being at 6am here the class had enough energy to keep me awake. I really enjoyed the rapid-fire review questions. I’m an alarm guy by trade but it’s always great to review the NEC 70 as so many states have it as part of their qualifier exams." – Seth B. from Utah

  • "Thank you again for a wonderful class." – Scott B. from Riverview, Florida

  • "The instruction during this class was more of a one-on-one session as opposed to being in a room full of people that were not engaged in the material. Dave Varga called upon us by name to solicit our input into the questions and the material." – Gene J. from Willow Springs, North Carolina

  • "I did want to say your class is one of the better ones I’ve done. I do really like the idea of a low voltage specific class. So many of the CEU courses are geared toward the standard electrician and we in the low voltage sector won’t see most of the info presented as a part of our regular work. Thanks again." – J. Bell from Charlotte, North Carolina

  • "Dave, great class!!! Best I’ve done thus far. Please send me the link to the Wednesday night classes." – Mike L. from Goldsboro, North Carolina

  • "Dave Varga was a wonderful instructor and had everyone very engaged in the class. Wonderful overall experience." – B. Smith from Atlanta, Georgia

  • "I really appreciate your help and enjoyed the class very much." – Tom B. Wilmington, North Carolina

  • "Was not looking forward to having to do this class on a Sunday morning, but have to say you did a great job in keeping it interesting and interactive." – Robert H. from Miami, Florida

  • "I really enjoyed the format. I will definitely choose this next time if allowed by North Carolina. Thanks Dave." – David B. from Winter Haven, Florida

  • "Thanks again for the class. I enjoyed the environment." – James T. from Fletcher, North Carolina

  • "Thank you for the awesome presentation!" – Isaac A. from El Paso, Texas

  • "Great job today. Well prepared and I am looking forward to your next class. I think that this on-line method, or Synchronous, is the way of the future." – Jim G. from North Carolina

  • "Hey Dave. Great class today. It was very engaging." – Jamal H. from Marietta, Georgia

  • "I would be very interested in some of your exam prep classes as well. Thoroughly enjoyed class this morning. Thanks." – Bobby M. from North Carolina

  • "I would like to let you know that this is the best class I've ever attended. Great job." – Dean S. from Atlanta, Georgia

  • "You were great and even though I am just a low voltage guy, you made things easier to understand.  Thank you and I look forward to taking more classes from you in the future." – Mike T. from Iona, Idaho

  • "Thank you for allowing me to attend your class. It was a great experience and I will definitely be doing it again prior to next year’s renewal if allowed." – Shawn R. from Hollister, Florida

  • "Dave makes the experience a positive one with his knowledge, personality, and field experience." – Pete J. from Seneca, South Carolina




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